You'll Love This Price Comparison: Real Wood Vs. LUXYCLAD®

You'll Love This Price Comparison: Real Wood Vs. LUXYCLAD®


Designed to be durable, and save you money over time, LUXYCLAD® aluminum siding and soffit is a strong investment, compared to the price of real wood siding. More conveniently, we aim to save you the hard work that's dedicated to maintaining real wood, because time is money, and we like to see our clients relaxing and spending time with their loved ones.



To throw some numbers out there, the price to install LUXYCLAD® (with material) in Canada is about:
$22 / Sq ft CAD which is roughly $17.63 USD (at the date of this blog post)


The approximate price to install top-grade real wood (with the material) is:

$12.62 / Sq ft CAD which is roughly $10.00 / Sq. ft USD - (pricing may vary depending on wood)
When it comes to siding your house with real wood, it's important to note that top-grade woods like cedar and redwood are pricier than those like spruce or fir. Since LUXYCLAD® offers sixteen stock woodgrains and finishes, you will always get the same great quality, no matter which woodgrain finish you choose, and of those stock woodgrains and finishes - there is no difference in price.


To stain, homeowners can expect to pay up to $4.82 / sq. ft CAD  which is roughly $3.82 / sq. ft USD
Say the average home had an exterior of 1,500 sq ft. If we used the cost of $4.82 / Sq ft to stain a house, one would expect to pay $7,230 CAD just on staining alone ($5,730 USD).
Re-staining every 3 years, at $7,230 for 15 years = $36,150 CAD ($28,650 USD)
(We chose 15 years as an example because our LUXYSHIELD™ limited warranty backs our finishes for 15 years!)


Cleaning the wood costs money and time, whether it's done professionally or on your own, where as LUXYCLAD® can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water.
Some say cleaning is expected to be .75 cents/sq ft. Using the same example of a home with 1500 sq ft, that price would be about $1,125 CAD ($892 USD).
Other factors that could raise your cleaning costs even higher is how often you clean, whether or not you have a multi-story home, hiring an eco-friendly cleaner, hiring someone licensed vs. unlicensed, and the scope of work - how soiled is your siding?

If you cleaned your house every 3 years, by the time you've reached 15 years, that would be $5,625 CAD ($4,460 USD)


The price of owning 1500 sq ft of LUXYCLAD® premium siding installed, over 15 years,  based on the above numbers:

$33,000 CAD 
$26, 100 USD
+ the freedom of no maintenance, saving you time to do the things you want to do!

The price of owning 1500 sq ft of real wood siding installed,over 15 years, with staining and cleaning, with the above numbers.

$60,705 CAD
$48,110 USD

 Price comparison, Luxyclad vs. competitor

These prices are relatively comparable, and exclude any costs for purchasing materials to clean and stain. These prices are just estimates based off of other websites, and could also fluctuate depending on many factors - like different installer prices, where you live, what your currency is (CAD, USD, or other), what type of wood you're using, who you're hiring and if you're doing these projects yourself.

What's important to note is the struggles you face when maintaining real wood siding, and the time you save by using LUXYCLAD®. 
As a company we are happy to give you not only what you want, but what you need to live in a relaxing and safe environment. 

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