Design Monday - Abstract: The Art of Design

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Design Monday - Abstract: The Art of Design

With a love for design, and finding ways to relax after work on a Monday, LUXYCLAD® is excited to bring you "Design Monday" - weekly blog posts that highlight or feature something interesting, focused around the subject of "design." 


This week, we wanted to talk about our love for Netflix's show Abstract: The Art of Design. It's been aired on Netflix since February of 2017, and has one complete season of eight episodes. Each episode follows a designer and their journey, much like a documentary. The show answers questions that we didn't even know we had, like: How did you get this job, if it didn't even exist at the time? or How do you get from point A to point B? The best part, in our opinion, is the journey each designer took, and how the twists and turns of life have brought design in the forefront of their career.   

Episode Topics for Abstract Are:

Footwear Design
Stage Design
Automotive Design
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Of these, our favourite episodes (not that we don't love them all) are the first four on the list - illustration, footwear design, stage design, and of course - architecture. It's a great show, insightful to those who know nothing about design, and refreshing to those who have a continuing love for design. The most interesting thing about this Netflix original, is that it you don't even know how interesting it can get.

Overall, Abstract: The Art of Design Answers:

How these concepts start. Who had the idea, and why?
The process - from becoming an idea to becoming something tangible.
Were there trials and errors? What were the obstacles? 
What does this design offer that others did not? How is it different?
How does this contribute to the consumer - The experience? The message?
With all this in mind, we suggest watching the show for yourself, and finding what drives your interest the most. 

Happy Monday from the LUXYCLAD® team, and enjoy the trailer below!

* Please note, this was not a paid promotion by Netflix, simply just an area of interest from our team! We hope you enjoy the show just as much as we do.

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