Should I Use Wood Siding On My Cottage?

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Should I Use Wood Siding On My Cottage?

Laying out the facts about the benefits – and drawbacks – of wood siding. 

Here are some key factors about wood siding to take into consideration when contemplating what you should use for your cottage. 

Wood Siding Benefits

  • Looks natural, comes from the earth - many cottage lovers appreciate that
  • There's room for customization because wood takes many forms and colours

Wood Siding Drawbacks

  • Wood siding is highly flammable unless treated appropriately, and even with treatment, has a higher flame spread index than competitive products 
  • Any type of treated wood will need to be re-finished, re-stained, and cleaned - it all takes time and money
  • If the foundation of your cottage is really low to the ground, you're more likely to encounter moisture and bug issues that can deteriorate your structure
  • Rotting, warping, and molding are all issues to consider with wood siding
  • Bug infestations (termites, ants, beetles, wasps) can be an issue, especially if fire wood is stacked against your cottage
  • The time and money going into regular maintenance is extensive, which is effort that could be spent elsewhere - like by the lake!

So should you use wood siding on your cottage? We can't tell you what to do – but considering a premium aluminum siding like Luxyclad is a great start to finding your answer. 

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