Is Vinyl Siding A Good Choice For My Cottage?

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Laying out the facts – the benefits, and drawbacks, of using vinyl siding on the cottage. 

Here are some key factors about vinyl siding to take into consideration when contemplating what you should use for your cottage. 

Disadvantage of Vinyl Siding on the Cottage

Vinyl Advantages

  • Easy to install
  • Cheaper option
  • Many design options


  • Known for needing multiple replacements
  • Not the best insulator
  • More flammable than other materials
  • Has poor moisture resistance
  • Wood grains look very fake
  • Vinyl is prone to cracking 
  • Price to replace adds up
  • Wastes time due to maintenance

So should you use vinyl siding on your cottage? We can't tell you what to do – but considering a premium aluminum siding like Luxyclad is a great start to finding your answer.  

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