How to Survive The 2018 Spring Cottage Life Show

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Here's our tips on how to survive the 2018 Spring Cottage Life Show! 

#1 – Do Your Homework

The Spring Cottage Life show is full of events, activities, and services.
Look them up in advance here, so you can see them all!  

#2 – Travel Light

Trade shows are full of free hand outs.
Travel light so you can collect as you go!  

#3 – Wear Comfortable Shoes

The International Centre in Mississauga is huge.
Wear comfortable shoes so you don't miss a thing! 

#4 – Meet People and Network

Bring some business cards, even if you're an attendee.
You can network with other like-minded cottage lovers!

#5 – Fully Charge Your Cell Phone

Don't forget to snap some selfies with your friends at the dock party!
You never know what twists and turns the show may lead you to! 

SOURCE: Thumbnail from Muskoka411, GIFS from Giphy

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