The No–Stain Siding Solution for Cottage Owners

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Luxyclad is the no–stain siding solution, that will save cottage owners money and maintenance each year! 

Stop Staining

Luxyclad is a great way to prevent maintenance.

  • All finishes are powder coated and sublimated 
  • UV stable inks will not fade and can handle extreme weather
  • All finishes are AAMA 2604 High Performance Coatings 

Start Saving

Luxyclad is a great way to save annual staining costs.

  • No need to buy staining products, tools, or cleaners
  • Save yourself from the costs of hiring labourers
  • Luxyclad finishes have a life expectancy of over 30 years

          Luxyclad No Staining Aluminum Siding and Soffit

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