How to Clean Luxyclad Aluminum Siding & Soffit

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Learn how to clean your Luxyclad aluminum siding and soffit with these quick tips. 

Water and Mild Detergents

  • Use mild detergents and water to clean siding and soffit surfaces
  • We recommend detergents with a pH of 6-7
  • Avoid acidic chemicals, such as acetone, paint thinners, and alkaline products
  • A simple clean is all you need to get the job done!

Cleaning Brushes and Handling

  • Always use soft brushes and sponges 
  • Make sure to rinse the product once you're done using the detergent
  • Wipe the surface with a soft cloth after cleaning, to reducing water-spots 
  • Avoid using power washers, pressure washers, or any other powerful spraying device
How to clean Luxyclad premium aluminum siding

In conjunction, following these tips will make for an easy and rewarding clean!

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