Why Cottage Builders Are Mixing Aluminum Soffit With Real Wood

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Cottage builders are mixing real wood and aluminum siding, for a traditional look with maintenance free benefits.

Why Mix Real Wood & Aluminum

Cottages have always been known for their traditional real wood appeal. However, real wood can get expensive — the cost of maintaining is high and involves excessive work. Using aluminum soffit is a great way to combat maintenance, while staying true to your traditional real wood. Since most soffit is typically hidden from view, it integrates well with real wood.  

Benefits of Aluminum Soffit

  • Luxyclad aluminum soffit is impervious to moisture
  • Drastic combinations of sun and shade will not fade the finishes
  • Resistant to bugs and rotting — Luxyclad saves time and money
  • With 16 stock wood grains to choose from, our soffit mixes well with natural wood

Aluminum soffit mixes with real wood

For maximum cottage protection, we recommend using both Luxyclad aluminum siding, and soffit.

SOURCE: Thumbnail from Arch Daily

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