The Benefit of Sublimated Finished Ends

Posted in Performance

Learn how Luxyclad's sublimated and finished ends save you time, money, and reduce on-site waste. 

Un-Finished Ends

  • Touch up pens cost money
  • Unfinished ends take time to fix yourself 
  • It's a hassle cleaning touch up pens that accidentally get on your material
  • Butt-joints are visibly obvious up close, when a touch-up pen has been used
  • Most siding companies tape their ends, which wastes material and takes extra time to cut

Why Use Finished Ends

  • Save money with eliminating the need for touch up pens
  • Save time by reducing marker touch ups, you can get more done
  • Sublimated ends reduce glint entirely, and are extra durable to weather
  • Finished ends will camouflage superior to any marker, up close or far away
  • At Luxyclad, we don't tape our ends, reducing on-site waste

taped vs. untaped ends, luxyclad aluminum siding

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