Luxyclad ASTM E330 Wind Load Testing

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Uniform wind load testing was done on Luxyclad siding and soffit, meeting the ASTM E330 requirements. 

ASTM E330 & Test Results

  • ASTM E330 is a standard procedure for determining structural performance using uniform static air pressure difference
  • By testing the wind loading, we can gain insight on whether or not cladding can handle hurricanes, tornadoes and other strong winds 
  • The test also gives insight on whether or not the exterior cladding will buckle, bend, shift, or disengage from the wall assembly
  • The Luxyclad aluminum cladding system (both siding and soffit) did not disengage from the wall assembly
  • Luxyclad will not buckle, bend, or shift, under intense winds, when installed correctly
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Wind Loading Luxyclad ASTM E330 Testing

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