What's the Best Siding for Coastal Environments?

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A common test for corrosion resistance is ASTM B117 Salt Spray — so we did it for 5000 hours, to determine what our siding would be like in coastal environments.

Salt Spray & Test Results

  • The neutral salt spray test is an accelerated corrosion test, using fog chambers
  • This information will help determine if a material can withstand corrosion, or provide protection for a period of time
  • This information is suited for those looking for protective finishes in coastal environments
  • Luxyclad reached the maximum possible score of 10 for scribe, and 10 for field on the salt spray test
  • Testing was done over the course of 5000 hours — It is important to note that testing was discontinued at 5000 hours.
Visit the ASTM website for more information »      ASTM E84 Non-combustible testing luxyclad aluminum siding

Luxyclad best siding for coastal environments

So is Luxyclad the best siding for coastal environments?
We can't decide that for you – but with 5000 hours of salt spray testing, Luxyclad is a great start to finding your answer. 

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