Luxyclad ASTM E283 Air Leakage Testing

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Air Leakage testing was done on Luxyclad siding and soffit, meeting the ASTM E283 requirements. 

ASTM E283 & Test Results

  • ASTM E283 is a standard  procedure for determining the air leakage characteristics under specified air pressure differences at ambient conditions
  • Next to rain, air leakage is important to the durability of any structure - to prevent moisture and rot from reaching the framing
  • It's important to test for air leakage to ensure good quality of air filtration in the structure, as well as prevent excessive energy use 
  • The Luxyclad aluminum cladding system (both siding and soffit) passed the ASTM E283 requirements 
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Air Leakage Luxyclad ASTM E283 Testing

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