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FAQ - Frequently asked questions for architects and designers, about LUXYCLAD® premium aluminum siding and soffit.
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For the Architect

Does LUXYCLAD® improve LEED scores?

Yes, it certainly does! 

Possible LEED v4 Credits
LEED Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Credit: Minimize & Optimize Energy Performance (up to 20 LEED points)
LEED Materials & Resources (MR) Credit: Purchasing - Facility Maintenance and Renovation (2 LEED points)
LEED Innovation (IN) Credit: Innovation (5 LEED points)
LEED Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) IEG BD+C Schools Credit: Low Emitting Materials (3 LEED points)

The re-melt aluminum (6063-T5 alloy) used by LUXYCLAD® contains the following:

10% post consumer aluminum
30% prime aluminum
60% pre-consumer aluminum

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Is LUXYCLAD® non-combustible?

Yes! Our aluminum siding and soffit is non-combustible, with the ASTM E 84-17 fire rating. 

The coatings used on our product are also non-combustible, and have low flame-spread characteristics - they don't produce excessive quantities of smoke and toxic products, and they don't give rise to toxic hazards at elevated temperatures. 

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Is LUXYCLAD® safe for coastal environments? Cold environments?

Our siding and soffit is perfect for coastal and cold environments.

Aluminum does not absorb moisture, and thus doesn't encourage the growth of mold and mildew, and does not corrode like steel.
Unlike real wood, aluminum is not affected by salt, leading to risks like dry rot - and unlike vinyl, will not become brittle and crack in the winter.

Our siding has passed the neutral salt spray test, achieving the highest attainable score of "10". The test was run for 5000 hours. 

Is LUXYCLAD® eco-friendly?

Our premium siding is eco-friendly, perfect for the conscious consumer.

Since is LUXYCLAD® is aluminum, we don't need to cut trees.
Our siding and soffit is recyclable and can be re-melted.
The powder coating processes contains no solvents, and releases negligible VOC's.
Excess powder can be re-used. 

Are the finishes AAMA rated?

Our coatings are certified by Qualicoat class 2, which is comparable to AAMA 2604.

How many colours and finishes do you offer?

Anodized Effect Black is our stock colour for our siding and soffit.
We do offer a variety of custom order colours, as well as colour matching, which is subject to extra fees and lead times.
For woodgrains, we offer a wide variety, both stock and special order, which can be found here.  

Can you colour match?

Colour matching is only available for projects over 3,000 sq.ft and are subject to extra lead times and fees.

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Where do I buy LUXYCLAD®?

We sell our product direct, to ensure that customers are happy, and continuously helped if they have any questions.

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