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FAQ - Frequently asked questions for homeowners, about LUXYCLAD® premium aluminum siding and soffit.
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For the Homeowner

Will I save money using LUXYCLAD® compared to real wood siding?

Our siding and soffit is engineered to last for life, meaning it will save you money over time.
With minimal maintenance involved, we save the home owner time and money, from annual costs and labour like staining, cleaning, and replacing.    

Where do I buy LUXYCLAD®?

We sell our product direct, to ensure that customers are happy, and continuously helped if they have any questions.

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How many colours and finishes do you offer?

We offer ten (10) solid colours, twenty two (22) stock wood grain finishes and three (3) special order wood grain finishes.

Can you colour match?

Colour matching is only available for projects over 3,000 sq.ft and are subject to extra lead times and fees.

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Is LUXYCLAD® non-combustible?

Yes! Our aluminum siding and soffit is non-combustible, with the ASTM E 84-17 fire rating. 

The coatings used on our product are also non-combustible, and have low flame-spread characteristics - they don't produce excessive quantities of smoke and toxic products, and they don't give rise to toxic hazards at elevated temperatures. 

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Will LUXYCLAD® prevent rot or resist mold?

Our rainscreen system allows water to pass through our siding, preventing mold. Our aluminum boards do not rot, and do not corrode if used with other like-made aluminum screws and clips. Each order comes with aluminum clips.

What is the maintenance and cleaning of your product like?

To Clean:
- Use mild detergents (pH of 6-7) and water to clean siding and soffit surfaces
- Always use soft brushes and sponges when cleaning
- Rinse the product after cleaning to ensure the detergent is off
- Use non-abrasive cloths for wiping the surface after cleaning, to reduce water-spots left behind
Avoid using: 
- Power washers, pressure washers, or any other powerful spraying device
- Harsh brushes and pads, like steel wool
- Acetone, paint thinners, highly acidic and alkaline products

The maintenance of LUXYCLAD® is very simple, and we recommend regular cleaning to keep your siding looking brand new.
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