Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently asked questions for installers, about LUXYCLAD® premium aluminum siding and soffit.
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For the Installer

What's your lead time?

Stock woodgrains ship on orders in ten (10) business days.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

There are no minimums on replacement pieces; get exactly what you need - even if it's just one board.

If needed, how quick can I get replacement pieces?

Since there are no minimum orders on replacement piece, the timing is dependent on shipping. We ship on orders in ten (10) business days. If you are local to Niagara or Toronto, your parts may be available for in-person pickup if you need them quickly. If you need to pick up your pieces in-person, contact us directly.

If I need to replace one individual board, do I have to remove all of the siding above it?

Thanks to the LUXYCLAD Unique Exchange™ System (LUX),  removing damaged boards is easier than our competitors. While our rainscreen clips secure our siding, they do not pinch. This means, if you need to slide out one individual board for replacing, you can do so - there is no need to remove all of the siding above. 

However, it is recommended to have two (2) people do this process together, while using a flashlight, to ensure that the replacement is slid back into the clips securely. This is important for the security of the siding. This process will not work on inside corners, as pieces will not be able to slide out.

Where do I buy LUXYCLAD®?

We sell our product direct, to ensure that customers are happy, and continuously helped if they have any questions.

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What sizes do you offer?

For siding and soffit, we offer: 

4" siding / soffit - 24 ft. boards
6" siding / soffit - 24 ft. boards
4" perforated soffit - 12 ft. boards
Trims - 12 ft. lengths

How many boards come in each box?

4" - 12 boards per box.
6" -  8 boards per box.

How do I install LUXYCLAD®?

Please refer to our installation manual.

Installation Manual

How do you finish around a window?


How to finish around a window with Luxyclad.

How do I install LUXYCLAD® vertically?

Vertical installation for Luxyclad.

How do your butt-joints work? What is the advantage of using them?

Our butt-joints work with what we call our "Joint-Splicing System." Since each piece of LUXYCLAD® comes with two (2) un-taped, finished ends - you can take two of our finished ends and butt-joint them together, to create a nicely finished joint. Our component pieces allow for levelled joints, expansion and contraction, and can be hard-fastened if desired. We take pride in not only the installation experience, but the overall aesthetic of your siding. 

What is the formula for expansion and contraction on aluminum?

Luxyclad Expansion and Contraction Formula

Do the rainscreen clips come with the order? How many do I need?

You must select how many rainscreen clips you will need on your oder.  
We recommend to installing the clips every 32 inches with our product.   

What is the advantage of your rainscreen clips?

The LUXYCLAD® aluminum rain-screen clips are placed over the tongue of the siding and then fastened to the desired substrate. These clips allow clearance between the wall and the siding, to prevent moisture build up and allowing compliance for the “loosely fastened” criteria in the building code for rain screen purposes. Our LUXYCLAD® design was also created with the installer in mind, who wants the capability of replacing individual boards, without removing all of the siding above it to do so. 

What screws do I use when installing?

We recommend using a #8 pan head corrosion resistant screw, of the appropriate length.

Do I need a touch-up pen?

Since each piece of LUXYCLAD® comes with two (2) un-taped, finished ends we recommend taking two of our finished ends and butt-jointing them together, to create a nicely finished joint. If you don't have any finished ends left, or would like to use a pen to save time, feel free to do so. We still recommend using the finished ends, because they look better when butt-jointed.

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