How It's Made

When powder coating and sublimation meet — beautiful wood grains happen.

Step 1. Pretreatment of chemicals gets applied to the raw metal substrate. 

Step 2. All metal substrates are dried after pre-treatment, so they can be powder coated.

Step 3. An electrostatic gun releases pigmented, UV-stable powder, which coats the pre-treated substrate. Parts are placed in the oven to cure.

Step 4. After curing, the panels are wrapped in specialized poly film. These films contain UV stable inks and come in a variety of patterns and grains.

Step 5. The panels are then placed in the oven under a Kevlar blanket. The inks printed on the film turn to a gas state, and the powder coated substrate becomes porous, allowing the transfer of the wood grain pattern to the aluminum.

Step 6. The process is finished, and the material needs time to cool before packaging and sending off.

Watch our video to see how it's made.

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